CodeTogether for VS Code Installation Guide

If you want to host a CodeTogether session from VS Code, you’ll need to install the CodeTogether extension for VS Code. You can also join a CodeTogether session directly from VS Code with the extension installed.

Note: The VS Code extension is not required to join sessions hosted from VS Code. Participants can join from Eclipse or IntelliJ with the corresponding plugin installed, or from a browser with no additional installation required.

Installing the CodeTogether Extension​

CodeTogether requires VS Code 1.44 or higher. You have two options when installing the CodeTogether extension:

Note: If using a proxy network, see VS Code Proxy Troubleshooting for additional instructions.

Installing the VSIX file in VS Code

If you choose to download the VSIX file, complete these steps to add the CodeTogether extension to Visual Studio Code.

  1. In VS Code, select View > Extensions.
  2. Click the command drop-down [. . .] and select Install from VSIX, or select Extensions: Install from VSIX from the Command Palette.
  3. Select the downloaded .vsix file and click Install. A notification displays when installation is complete.
  4. Start collaborating!

Trusted Workspaces

VS Code recently introduced the concept of Workspace Trust. While CodeTogether functions fine even if the workspace is not trusted, it may be annoying to repeatedly see the “untrusted workspace” message when joining sessions using a VS Code client. CodeTogether will suggest adding the ~/.codetogether/vscode folder to the Trusted Folders and Workspaces list.


Getting Started

After adding the CodeTogether extension to your VS Code, it’s simple to host or join a pair programming session. For more information, see the Getting Started Guide.

Note: If you have a CodeTogether Teams plan, refer to this page for details on how to host sessions and invite participants.

Hosting a Session from VS Code

  1. Click Host New Session from the CodeTogether view.  Alternatively, you can use the CodeTogether: Start Hosting Session​ command or click CodeTogether in the status bar and select Start Hosting Session.
  2. Answer questions related to participant access when prompted, and then click Start. The Invite URL is automatically copied to the clipboard when the session is started.

    Note: To obtain the URL later, you can click Invite Others from the Hosting node in the CodeTogether view, use the CodeTogether: Copy Invite URL command, or click In Session in the status bar and select Copy Session URL to Clipboard.
  3. Share the link with anyone you would like to code with.

Joining a Session from VS Code

  1. Click Join Remote Session from the CodeTogether view. Alternatively, you can use the CodeTogether: Join Remote Hosting Session​ command or click CodeTogether in the status bar and select Join Remote Session.
  2. Paste the Invite URL and press Enter.
    Pasting the session URL
  3. If the host selected to let you choose your cursor behavior, select to Share a Cursor or Your Own Cursor, and then click Join Now once the session is ready.