Participating in a Session

Overview | Navigating | Editing

CodeTogether lets you join a session from a browser or an IDE (Eclipse, IntelliJ and VS Code). Your experience will vary slightly depending on how you join the session. When joining from an IDE:

  • You get the same look and feel of your IDE—including, key bindings, workbench layout and general behavior.
  • Language smarts come from the host IDE, regardless of the plugins/extensions you have installed or what your IDE is inherently capable of. Your experience as a participant will differ from using the same IDE as a host. While you have access to the entire project shared by the host (minus files intentionally hidden from the session), the files and libraries are not downloaded to your system. Files are fetched on demand and only the files being actively edited are local to your system. This should help you understand which features in the host IDE you can expect to work.
  • You can use the Project/Resource views and the Problems views; however, no other views will provide meaningful support for shared projects.

When joining from a browser:

  • You can select your preferred IDE theme and key bindings for a more familiar experience in the browser.
  • Language smarts come from the host IDE.

Because language smarts always come from the host, content assist suggestions, validation, quick fixes and navigation support are all delivered by the host IDE. Refactoring is not currently available, but will be coming soon. Note: You can code alone or with a group. Refer to Section Basics for details.