Three Steps to Remote Pair Programming with IntelliJ

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to do remote pair programming from your IntelliJ IDE? Well, now there is!

Step 1: Install CodeTogether

CodeTogether is a plugin that lets you live share IntelliJ. Invite anyone to join—they can join from IntelliJ, VS Code, Eclipse, or even a browser. Full end-to-end source encryption ensures all code stays secure.

To get started, simply install CodeTogether directly from your IntelliJ-based IDE via the JetBrains Plugins Repository.

Free plan always available!

Step 2: Start a session and invite others to join

Now that you’ve installed CodeTogether, you’re ready to start collaborating! Just click Host New Session from the CodeTogether view, select access privileges, and click Start.It’s that easy! Now you can invite others to join you. Just click the Copy Invite URL button, and then share the link with anyone.

Invitees access the link from the CodeTogether view in their IDE (IntelliJ, Eclipse or VS Code), or from a browser (no registration, download or installation required).

IntelliJ Pair Programming: Hosting and Joining

Work with a team? It’s even easier with CodeTogether Teams!

Skip copying and pasting URLs—join sessions & ask others to host or join with a single click. Unlimited sessions with up to 32 participants, plus advanced features like write access terminals. Free to try for 30 days, no credit card needed!

Step 3: Code together . . . alone or with a group, your choice

No learning curve for participants makes it simple to dive right into pair programming, or even mob programming!


IDE Versatility

Participants can join from their local IDE—IntelliJ, Eclipse, or VS Code—even if everyone uses different versions, configurations or IDEs. They just add CodeTogether to their IDE! For even more versatility, you also have the option to join the session directly from a browser.


Host-Provided Intelligence

The host provides language smarts so everyone gets key functionality, like content assist and validation, whether joining from a browser or IDE. When joining from a browser, select the IDE theme and key bindings that you prefer for optimal productivity.


Stay Together or Code Alone

Everyone gets to choose whether to code on their own or as part of a group, and it’s a breeze to switch between groups and coding alone. New to 3.0—take pair programming to the next level with same-file simultaneous coding, just like in Google Docs!​​

Between its editor-agnosticism and collaborative flexibility, CodeTogether now looks like the best option for many real-world teams.

Joel Falconer

Managing Editor, SitePoint

This tool addresses the shortcomings . . . in traditional collaborative developer solutions, such as screen sharing. A central issue with such tools is to ensure that collaborations are seamless and don’t hinder developers.

Charles King

Analyst, Pund-IT

Thank you for this brilliant tool. This is the first one that makes nearly instant sharing possible . . . overall a wonderful experience.

Astrid Sawatzky

Lead Developer, Thera-Pi

What are you waiting for?

Get CodeTogether today and let the collaboration begin!

Free trials of Teams and On-Premises also available.