Three Steps to Remote Pair Programming with VS Code

Host a session from VS Code and invite anyone to join, even if they use a different IDE!

Step 1: Install CodeTogether

CodeTogether is an extension that lets you host a pair programming session from Visual Studio Code. Invite anyone to join—they can join from VS Code, Eclipse, IntelliJ, or even a browser. Full end-to-end source encryption ensures all code stays secure.

To get started, simply install CodeTogether directly from your VS Code via the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Free plan always available!

For pair programming in VS Code-based solutions like VSCodium and Eclipse Theia, download CodeTogether from the Open VSX Registry.

Step 2: Start a session and invite others to join

Now that you’ve installed CodeTogether, you’re ready to start collaborating! Just click Host New Session from the CodeTogether view, select access privileges, and click Start Session. It’s that easy! The Invite UR