VS Code Proxy Troubleshooting

CodeTogether supports proxy servers in 2 different ways: VS Code built-in proxy support, or via a custom codetogether.proxy setting.

VS Code built-in proxy config

This is enabled in VS Code by configuring the http.proxy setting.

Example: Set http.proxy to http://user:password@myproxy.com:8080 

Note that it might not be compatible with all kinds of proxy servers.

If CodeTogether is still not connecting correctly through your proxy, you can try disabling the proxy support for extensions by setting http.proxySupport to off.

For more information on configuring proxy support in VS Code, go to https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/setup/network#_proxy-server-support.

CodeTogether proxy setting

If CodeTogether is unable to connect using VS Code’s built-in proxy support, you can use the codetogether.proxy setting to specify the proxy server that should be used by CodeTogether.

The value is an object with the following structure:

For example:

Note: For these settings to be taken into account, you must disable proxy support for extensions by either removing the proxy.http setting, or by setting http.proxySupport to off.

To set codetogether.proxy, use the VS Code settings editor: