CodeTogether for Eclipse Installation Guide

If you want to host a CodeTogether session from Eclipse, you’ll need to install the CodeTogether plugin for Eclipse. You can also join a CodeTogether session directly from Eclipse with the plugin installed.

Note: The Eclipse plugin is not required to join sessions hosted from Eclipse. Participants can join from IntelliJ or VS Code with the corresponding plugin/extension installed, or from a browser with no additional installation required.

Installing the CodeTogether Plugin

CodeTogether requires Eclipse Neon (4.6) or higher to host a session, or Eclipse Photon (4.8) or higher to join a session from Eclipse. If you have the Marketplace Client installed, it’s simple to add CodeTogether to Eclipse. With Eclipse running, drag the Install button from our Eclipse Marketplace listing onto the workbench to initiate the installation. Alternatively, you can install the plugin using the button on the CodeTogether download page.

If you prefer using an Eclipse update site directly, use this URL:

Getting Started

After adding the CodeTogether plugin to your Eclipse IDE, it’s simple to host or join a pair programming session. For more information, see the Getting Started Guide.

Hosting a Session from Eclipse

Use one of the following options to host a session:

  • Click Host New Session from the CodeTogether view (Window > Show View > Others > CodeTogether > CodeTogether). Alternatively, you can right-click in the editor and select Start Hosting Session, or select Help > CodeTogether > Start Hosting Session.
    Hosting a CodeTogether Session Eclipse
    Then, click Copy Invite URL to copy the session URL to the clipboard to send to others.
    Copying the CodeTogether Invite URL in Eclipse
  • Select text in the editor, and then click the Start link that appears below the selection. When ready, click the Invite URL link to copy the session URL to the clipboard to send to others.

Joining a Session from Eclipse

To join a session from Eclipse:

Click Join Remote Session from the CodeTogether view (Window > Show View > Others > CodeTogether > CodeTogether); or, select Help > CodeTogether > Join Remote Session.
Joining a CodeTogether Remote Session
Then, paste the Invite URL, enter the name you’ll be identified as in the session, and click OK.
Pasting the Invite URL to join a session