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Welcome to CodeTogether Live

The CodeTogether Live module allows you to share your IDE and coding sessions in real time. It's available as part of the CodeTogether HQ Intelligence Suite or as a standalone module.

With CodeTogether Live, everyone in the session sees changes instantly, even when working on the same file—similar to how Google Docs works for documents. CodeTogether Live is perfect for many uses: pair programming, mob programming, code review, project design, unit testing, education, interviews, remote development and more.

Key Features

Here's a quick look at what CodeTogether Live has to offer. For additional details and related videos, visit

✓ Cross-IDE support

Host and join from VS Code, IntelliJ or Eclipse, including IDEs based on these—view the complete list.

✓ Browser support

You can also join a session from a browser. You get IDE functionality with the theme and key bindings of your preferred IDE.

✓ Secure

The full source code stays on the host system and only necessary information is relayed using end-to-end encryption—view security details.

✓ Host-based intelligence

Because the host provides the language smarts, everyone gets exceptional content assist, validation & navigation, regardless of the IDE or browser they join from.

✓ Integrated communications

Audio, video, text chat, and screen sharing are available, plus cool extras like polls and reactions. You can even invite guests that aren't part of the coding session, perfect for getting customer feedback without sharing the code.

✓ Shared consoles & terminals

Host-controlled access, including optional write access for Team members.

✓ Shared local servers & databases

The host can share servers at any time during a session—great for testing web apps without deploying, or relaying a remote debug session, database connections or web sockets.

✓ Remote tests & launches

Guests can write tests, run tests and analyze results, allowing for test-driven development (TDD) in a remote environment. Guests can also execute run configurations from the host IDE.

✓ Plans for Everyone

From a Free plan with anonymous usage to Enterprise plans with on-premises deployment, CodeTogether Live has an option that meets your specific needs—view all plans.

Getting Help

We offer a number of ways to help you succeed with CodeTogether Live.


Extensive documentation helps you get the most from CodeTogether Live—use the left sidebar to access all of these docs.

Not sure where to start? If you are using the SaaS version, start with the installation instructions for your IDE. If you are using the On-Premises version, start with the Installation Overview, and then check out the On-Premises FAQ. After installing, the Getting Started Guide and the General FAQ are good docs to dive into.


If you have a paid plan, you can contact us via email at with your questions.

Issue Tracker

We are always looking for ways to improve CodeTogether Live. Go to our Issue Tracker to request new features or report a bug.