CodeTogether Teams

Teams support was introduced in CodeTogether 4.0—it makes hosting and joining sessions easier, providing access to specific team-only features, and an additional layer of security. CodeTogether Teams includes a 30 day trial


A team-focused CodeTogether view displays running sessions, as well as online team members.

  • Team members can easily join running sessions by selecting a session in the view.
  • Invite other team members to sessions from within the view—they can join by accepting an explicit invite within their IDEs. There’s no need to deal with copying, pasting and sharing URLs, although invite URLs can still be used.
  • You can request a team member to start hosting a session.
  • Features like terminal write access and shared servers, which require additional levels of security, will only be accessible by team members.

Creation and management of teams differs in our SaaS offering and On-Premises installs. Refer to the appropriate section below.

Note: To create, join and invite users to sessions, refer to the Getting Started Guide.


Creating a Team

To create a team, click the Start a Team link in the CodeTogether view.

You will be taken to the Team creation page on

Note: Be sure to log in to the portal if you already have an account on If not, you can create a new account as part of the team creation flow.

Add a list of teammates via their email addresses and include a custom message if desired. On clicking Send Invites, they will be sent an email with links they can use to join the team you just created.

Managing a Team

The easiest way to manage your team is to click the Manage Team Members button / context menu action in the CodeTogether view. This will take you to the Members page for an overview of your team. You can remove existing members from this page, or click Add members to add teammates.

Invite members via email address, or send them the registration link allowing them to sign up and join your team themselves.

Note: Regenerating the link will invalidate the older registration link.

Team Roles

Members with the Member role cannot add or remove members, nor can they access the registration link from the portal.

If a member has the Manager role, they can remove and add other members. Only team owners can assign Manager roles and regenerate the registration link.


  • A user can only create a single team
  • A user can be a member of multiple teams, but can be the manager of only a single team
  • A team can have multiple managers

Team Expiration

If a team you’re a member of expires, you will not be able to see other online members of this team, nor will you be able to see sessions that are running in this team. Similarly, team related capabilities like restriction of editing/session to team members or terminal write access will be unavailable in your session.


Team Creation and Joining

Simply double-click (click in VS Code) Join/create new team, or use the button or context menu action to open the CodeTogether Team dialog.

To create a new team, click Create a new team and get an invite code, and then give your team a name. Share the resulting team code with colleagues you’d like to invite to your team. At a later time, you can always copy the team code from the CodeTogether view by using the Copy Team Code to Clipboard button or context menu action on a team.

To join a team, click Join an existing team and paste in a team code.