CodeTogether On-Premises Installation Guide

An On-Premises version of CodeTogether is available for Enterprise customers. This guide provides the key steps required to pull down and configure the CodeTogether On-Premises container using either Docker or Kubernetes. The container provides a full set of collaboration services, including tailored client plugins for the host IDEs. Due to security requirements, all communication in CodeTogether is required to be done via SSL.

This guide includes instructions on installing the CodeTogether container image from the Genuitec Private Docker Registry. The image is also available in the Red Hat Software Catalog.

  • To fetch the image from the Red Hat Catalog, complete the following instructions using your Red Hat Registry Service account credentials and corresponding image path as directed on this page.
  • To install into OpenShift, follow the instructions on this page.

Note: If you are using a load balancer, you will need to configure it to use the ctstickiness value as described here.

Should you need assistance following this installation guide, contact your Genuitec Sales representative or email For more information about the On-Premises version of CodeTogether, refer to the FAQ page. After installation is complete, refer to the CodeTogether Edge Server Technical Notes for helpful information.

Which containerization ecosystem do you use?

Installing with Docker

Docker allows for two options regarding SSL communication. One involves running with SSL directly serviced from inside the container and the other is using Nginx or Apache outside of the container.

The following instructions use the Genuit