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Using CodeTogether Teams

Teams support in CodeTogether Live provides the following benefits:

  • Team-focused UI—The CodeTogether view includes a comprehensive overview of all of your teams and sessions. From this view you can quickly add, join or manage a team. When logged into a team, you can see all active remote sessions and join directly from your IDE without needing an Invite URL. You can also easily invite team members to join a session or ask a team member to host a session.
  • Advanced functionality—Write-access terminals and shared servers are available to teams for a richer collaborative experience. The host controls team member access to these powerful features.
  • Added security—When hosting a session, you have the option to add an extra level of security by only allowing team members to join the session.

Teams support is available in both our Cloud-SaaS version with a Teams plan and our On-Premises version. For more information on Teams support, select the version of CodeTogether Live you use: