CodeTogether 2022.1.1–2022.1.4 Release Roundup


April 6, 2022

In January we released CodeTogether 2022.1 with a lot of new features and enhancements that we detailed in this blog. In the “What’s Next” section, we promised:

“We’re going to be working on improving the core coding functionality, making sure guests’ experiences in a CodeTogether session continue to coalesce with a local IDE dev experience.”

And with the delivery of CodeTogether 2022.1.1 through 2022.1.4 we focused on exactly that. Here’s a summary of all the nice enhancements and fixes in those releases, broken out by category for easy reference.

General Improvements

  • Extreme Free Usage—“MORE FREE!” is our most common enhancement request. So we expanded anonymous free usage to unlimited 60-minute sessions with up to 4 participants.
  • Shared Virtual Cursor Improvements—When switching from your own coding to watch a peer, you will immediately jump to the source without delay.
  • Connections Gone Wild—In an unfortunate edge case, a handful of user systems have gone wild hammering our servers, so we fixed that to make sure our servers are always available.

VS Code/Code-OSS IDEs

  • Faster Typing—When processing remote events into VS Code on a loaded system, edits could fall behind. Changes are now intelligently grouped for optimal performance.
  • Fixes When Joining a Session—Fixed an odd issue when joining sessions from the command palette in VS Code clients to ensure consistent behavior.

IntelliJ/JetBrains IDEs

  • Kotlin Test Support—When working with Kotlin tests, CodeTogether will now relay results run on IntelliJ hosts to remote clients.
  • A/V Toolbar—Fixed an issue where the A/V toolbar in IntelliJ may not have shown causing issues using audio and video communications.

Eclipse/Eclipse IDEs

  • Wild Web Developer Support—Added support for most language features exposed from Eclipse’s Wild Web Developer’s language servers including remote quick fixes.
  • MyEclipse—CodeTogether is now bundled with MyEclipse 2022.1


  • Browser Keyboard Navigation—You can now use Enter to navigate multiple matches when using inline search.
  • Quick Open Got Fuzzy—When using quick open, the browser will now handle local fuzzy matching of results as a search is refined.


  • OneLogin Single Sign-On—We have fixed a compatibility issue integrating with OneLogin SSO.
  • IDE Dashboard—A new dashboard tab gives access to usage graphs including information on type of Host and Guest IDEs.
  • TLS Security—Support for default use of TLS 1.3.
  • Docker Irregular Configuration Detection—Improvements to the Docker image startup sequence to better detect and warn for irregular inputs.
  • Fargate & Amazon Deployments—The Docker image has been enhanced to simplify deployment in Fargate and Amazon allowing simpler rollout in private clouds.

External Compatibility

  • VSCodium—CodeTogether is fully compatible with VSCodium and can be installed from the Open-VSX Marketplace.
  • GitPod—Thanks to the GitPod team (here, here, and here), CodeTogether can be used inside a GitPod environment simply by enabling the extension from the marketplace.
  • Code-Server and—Thanks to the code-server team (here) CodeTogether can be used in code-server using these steps.
  • OpenVSCode Server—Thanks to the OpenVSCode Server team who collaborated with us to determine a workaround in CodeTogether to ensure it can easily be used in OpenVSCodeServer.
  • Eclipse Che—Thanks to the Eclipse Che team who made an update to make CodeTogether easier to install and use. You can see that work here.
  • Arduino IDE—We’re currently working with the Arduino IDE team to make CodeTogether easier to install and use. You can follow that work here.

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