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Live share IDEs and coding sessions.
Free for all educational use.

Perfect for students, instructors, trainers, conference talks, and even streamers.

Z Cross-IDE code collaboration between
VS Code  IntelliJ  Eclipse

Z End-to-end source encryption

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CodeTogether: Across IDEs and browsers

Hands-On Learning from Your Preferred IDE

CodeTogether is the leader in cross-IDE code collaboration. Learn more

  • Host in VS Code, IntelliJ, or Eclipse*
  • Join from your own IDE or a browser
  • Host controls access privileges
  • Option to share servers, terminals, and consoles
  • Run remote unit tests and launches
  • Audio, video, text chat and screen sharing
  • Presentation mode
  • Code alone or with a group
  • Same-file simultaneous editing

Great for All Types of Learning

CodeTogether is committed to helping the next generation of software engineers code better together.


From group projects, to mentoring sessions, CodeTogether is an awesome way for students to stay connected with classmates and teachers.


Perfect for remote lectures and providing one-on-one guidance to students, CodeTogether takes the pain out of distance learning. 


From Twitch streaming to coding workshops and conferences, CodeTogether is happy to support innovative ways to learn.


CodeTogether lets you collaborate on your terms—from a Dynamic mode where the current driver is fluid based on activity, to Strong-Style Pairing where the current driver must explicitly grant a new driver, to Presentation mode where only the host can drive and edit files. Presentation mode is a wonderful option for remote learning, allowing the teacher to maintain control of the session, while allowing students the freedom to browse the workspace without disrupting others.

Want to try it now? Download and use the Free plan

Getting Started with CodeTogether

  1. Apply for an Educational license.
    Apply Now
  2. Set up your license.
    Once approved, you will receive an email with a link to set up your license.
  3. Create your team.
    Click the view team link from the order to add members to your team. You can manage your team at any time from My Account.
    Each team member gets all the benefits from our Teams plan.
    Maximum team size: 100 for classrooms, 3 for students.
  4. Download CodeTogether.
    Download the SaaS version for your preferred IDE.
    Download Now
  5. Code together!
    Refer to the Getting Started Guide for details.

Getting Help

If you need additional assistance when applying for or setting up your educational license, please contact Customer Service.


+1.844.735.1898 (US toll-free)

If you would like to request a feature or report an issue, visit our GitHub repository.

Issue Tracker


It’s wonderful!!

working great

You rock!

Very good tool!

This is sick

Absolutely fantastic 

Thank you!

Awesome job guys!

Wow great 🙂


Loved by Teachers and Students Alike

My students have been using CodeTogether this semester to help work at a distance. They have uniformly and overwhelmingly enjoyed the experience. Many of them have Eclipse experience, and have reported being able to do significantly more together using your product than with Eclipse alone. I found it particularly useful when I was locked into an older version of Eclipse.

Jason Hemann Lecturer, Northeastern University

Both throughout the pandemic and beyond, I see the benefit to be able to collaborate with others live on the same piece of code. CodeTogether has been a nice tool for this as it doesn’t require a specific IDE or for everyone to be on the same IDE, instead allowing everyone to contribute using their own favorite IDE or even a web browser!

—Student, North Carolina State University

Thus far, CodeTogether seems like a great product. I have been using it to present lessons during my computer science class, and it has especially helped when working with my remote students. I am expecting the students will find it helpful when they start their group projects in the coming weeks. We are finding it easy to use and, at the moment, find it excellent as is.

—Robotics Coordinator, Algoma District School Board

I appreciate the fact that students can use it from a web browser.

—Faculty Member, Hogeschool Leiden

I use CodeTogether every day, for each of my chairs, it is a fundamental tool that allows my students to follow the development of the class without major problems. It really is a great tool for distance teaching in the area of computer science.

—Faculty Member, Universidad de La Frontera

super impressed!

very helpful



very useful!

very fun experience!!


just awesome, thx

great tool


It’s damn great

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