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Operational Intelligence.
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Identify Bottlenecks

Make Real-Time Adjustments

Avoid Cost Overruns

Get The Visibility You Need

Until now, teams only had metrics on the last 20% of software development work.
This means you’re missing critical data that could help you make better decisions during active projects and on future plans. You shouldn’t be left wondering:

Why some teams miss software release dates

Whether teams are rightsized & work fairly distributed

Who needs extra support in the early development stage

How to make predictable plans for the next project

CodeTogether delivers

Operational Intelligence
at Individual and Project Levels

Make operational decisions from 100% instead of just 20%

Managing a leading-edge software team is a big investment, yet projects slip past release dates and you don’t have visibility into where or why problems arise in the early development stage.

That’s why we were the first to integrate AI technology across the full development cycle, to make it easy to identify hotspots and challenges early, rather than just after commit.

The result? You’ll finally have operational intelligence at every stage to make more strategic decisions.

And your organization will have the confidence to:

Identify bottlenecks

Plan and predict future software projects

Streamline team productivity


Understand the Full Development Journey

CodeTogether goes beyond simple end-product analysis, by having AI observe the code journey and suggest real-time adjustments, so you can make operational decisions quickly.


Individual and Project Level Insights

CodeTogether is the only platform that allows your teams to analyze project workflows, from early-stage development, allowing a deeper understanding of what’s working and areas for improvement.



Operational Intelligence Including:


Project Trends

Project Trends—Delivers clear metrics on what is working well, and where improvements can be made at a holistic project level.

Code Hotspots

Code Hotspots—Identifies specific areas of product source that negatively impact productivity enabling get well campaigns.

Task Guidance

Task Guidance—Provides live guidance on active tasks keeping work well aligned, even before the first commit is made.

Real-Time Adjustments

Real-Time Alerts—Identifies real-time issues impacting project work, notifying developers first and later technical leadership for remediation.

Time Feedback

Time Feedback—Tracks actual engineering time with feedback to issue trackers, including on-time reports keeping releases on track.

You shouldn’t have to wait till the end of the project before discovering any problems.

The Power of Feedback in Early-Stage Development

Feedback in programming is a principle deeply ingrained in our ethos. Just as optimism drives developers, our AI-driven platform channels constructive feedback into actionable insights enabling teams to recommend real-time and future adjustments, so that you get powerful insights at every stage of software development

Optimism is an occupational hazard of programming; feedback is the treatment.

— Kent Beck, Creator of Extreme Programming

Trusted by the world’s most leading-edge software teams

If a technology organization is committed to accurately measuring and enhancing the productivity and efficiency of its software development processes, CodeTogether is an essential tool. There’s nothing quite like it in the market. Within the first months of implementation, we are already seeing a substantial increase in quality and productivity of our software engineers.

Michael Kim

CIO, MultiPlan

Seamless Integration for Peak Performance

In today’s fast-paced development environment, the tools you use shouldn’t slow you down.
CodeTogether integrates smoothly with how your developers are already working, ensuring they stay in the zone without missing a beat.

Whether you’re a fan of Visual Studio, IntelliJ, Eclipse, or another popular IDE, CodeTogether is designed to be your silent partner in productivity.

Create a Team of Multipliers

Real-time data and personalized insights are more powerful during early stage development. We believe everybody in your organization can use operational intelligence to multiply their impact across the business.


Insightful Work Distribution

Achieve balanced and fair workload across teams.

Tech Leads

Improved Project Awareness

Deliver on-time with improved visibility and real-time alerts.


Real-Time Recommendations

Stay on track with live guidance right alongside the code.

Isn’t it time you had full visibility to make operational decisions?

Get The Insights You Need, Now

There’s too much at stake to wait until the end of a project to know if you’re on time or on budget.
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powerful insights at every stage of development.

CodeTogether, powered by AI, delivers operational intelligence to identify hot spots, and recommend real-time and future adjustments, giving you powerful insights at every stage of software development.