CodeTogether 3.2 Now Available! Terminal sharing preview, a more intuitive UI & more!

Pair programming
from anywhere

~ End-to-end source encryption

+ IDE to IDE support

Free Cloud-SaaS version

On-Premises version

Minimal CPU Overhead

Minimal CPU Overhead

Goodbye frustrating screen sharing!

Extensive IDE Compatibility

IDE-to-IDE support now available!

Eclipse and Eclipse-based IDEs since 4.6 Neon
IntelliJ and JetBrains IDEs since 2019.1
Visual Studio Code since 1.44

Everyone stays in the environment they know and love—
whether a different version, or even a different IDE

Pair programming around the office or around the globe

CodeTogether is the perfect blend of functionality and simplicity, designed by a team of remote developers that rely on collaboration. Whether you are on an Agile team that uses pair programming as part of your regular software development flow or just use pair programming for the occasional troubleshooting session, CodeTogether is the best tool for pair programming, and mob programming too! If you’ve been using screen sharing or an online code editor for collaborative coding, you’ll be amazed at the difference!


IDE Versatility

Host or join a pair programming session from Eclipse, IntelliJ or VS Code. With new IDE to IDE support, everyone gets to join in from their local IDE—even if everyone uses different IDEs. No separate client needed!

Browser Optional

Share a link and teammates can join a pair programming session from any modern browser. No registration, download or install required—just select the theme and key bindings of your preferred IDE and start typing!

4% CPU of Screen Sharing

Get a nice IDE-like experience without the resource drain you get from screen sharing tools. CodeTogether requires minimal network bandwidth and consumes only 4% of the CPU load associated with screen sharing.

Corporate Level Security

Projects remain on your computer—only required data is relayed to participants and our backend using full end-to-end encryption. An on-premises version that keeps all source behind your firewall is also available.

Host-Provided Intelligence

Much more than a shared code editor! The host provides language smarts so everyone gets key functionality, like content assist and validation, whether joining from a browser or IDE, regardless of configuration.

Stay Together or Code Alone

The host controls driving and editing privileges for the session. If permitted, participants can code or explore on their own or with any group, and even simultaneously edit files just like in Google Docs. 

A Tale of Two Coders

The best of times with CodeTogether, the worst of times with screen sharing

Host a session in seconds

Sometimes it’s nice to get a little help from your friends, but not if it means disrupting your flow. After adding CodeTogether to your Eclipse, VS Code, or IntelliJ, it only takes a few seconds to start a collaborative coding session. Simply share the session’s link with anyone you like. They join the session from either their local IDE (even if it’s different from yours) or a web browser (with the theme and key bindings of their preferred IDE).

Host a pair programming session
Language smarts in browser

Host-controlled access

New to 3.1, the host determines how participants join a session and which privileges they will have. For tighter controls, the host can choose to require authorization for each participant when they attempt to join the session. In this situation, the participant will not be allowed to join the session until the request is approved by the host. The host also determines which rights participants have within a session, including whether or not they can drive or edit the shared files.

Host-provided language smarts

For real pair programming, you want more than a simple collaborative code editor. CodeTogether participants benefit from the host IDE’s language smarts. Even if you join from a browser, you still get content assist (aka IntelliSense) and as-you-type validation across the workspace. You can format code in a snap, and the Problems view lists all errors and lets you easily navigate to the referenced files.

Language smarts in browser
Navigation tools in browser

Keep the code flowing

CodeTogether makes it easy to switch between groups of developers coding together, or even code on your own during a session. Same-file simultaneous editing lets developers edit files at the same time. With the CodeTogether view, you’ll never get lost—providing a nice overview of the session so you can quickly see who’s doing what, and jump into a new group or branch out on your own. 

Share terminal and console output

New to Version 3.2, a shared terminal allows participants to observe commands the host is executing in their IDE’s terminal view, along with the corresponding output. Our next release will build on this feature, providing participants write access to the shared terminal. Another handy feature lets the host share their console so participants can view the output of programs and unit tests.

Language smarts in browser


It’s wonderful!!

working great

You rock!

Very good tool!

This is sick

Absolutely fantastic 

Thank you!

Awesome job guys!

Wow great 🙂


Our Customers Love CodeTogether

Thank you for this brilliant tool. This is the first one that makes nearly instant sharing possible . . . overall a wonderful experience.

Astrid Sawatzky  Lead Developer, Thera-Pi

Between its editor-agnosticism and collaborative flexibility, CodeTogether now looks like the best option for many real-world teams.

SitePoint  Read the full article

I just did a quick trial run of CodeTogether and I liked it. Used it with an Eclipse Java project, and really liked how easy it was to switch drivers and still communicate as the navigator with mouse selections.

Shane Currier  Software Developer, Phoenix Labs

My students have been using CodeTogether this semester to help work at a distance. They have uniformly and overwhelmingly enjoyed the experience. Many of them have Eclipse experience, and have reported being able to do significantly more together using your product than with Eclipse alone.

Jason Hemann Lecturer, Northeastern University

super impressed!

very helpful



very useful!

very fun experience!!


just awesome, thx

you are the champions


It’s damn great

Keep source behind the firewall

CodeTogether is designed to keep your code safe and secure by keeping the full source code on the host system and only relaying necessary information with end-to-end encryption. Many companies have embraced Agile software development techniques like pair programming and mob programming. For those organizations with strict security measures that require all code to remain on-premises, we also offer an Enterprise version that allows you to roll out CodeTogether internally and keep your source 100% behind the firewall.

On-premises version for the enterprise
CodeTogether vs screen sharing

Beats screen sharing!

Edits are immediately synced for all to see, no more painful lag time like you get with screen sharing! And no more squinting to see the screen, the code displays clearly in your IDE or your browser. CodeTogether allows you to code together online while providing the freedom that screen sharing lacks. Choose who to follow, or do your own investigation. Plus, you’re free to multi-task since only the project is shared and not the entire desktop.

Navigate projects with ease

Even if you choose to access the shared project from a browser, you have a variety of familiar ways to navigate the code. Quickly navigate to a file using the Explorer or Quick Open.

You can see both definitions and references to symbols inline, without losing your place in the code you’re editing. To navigate elsewhere, use the minimap, hyperlink navigation, Outline view, or even the filterable symbol list for ultra-quick browsing.

Navigation tools in browser
Smart searches in browser

Find what you need with smart searches

It may not be your project, but there’s no reason to get lost in a remote pair programming session. When joining from a browser, CodeTogether makes it easy to search for content across the shared projects, and you can even use regular expressions for an advanced search. All occurrences are listed for each file, just click the instance you are looking for to jump to the line of code.

Ready for a fresh take on collaborative coding?

Finally, a pair programming tool as simple as screen sharing, but so much better!


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