Synergy for teams.
Insights to drive efficiency.

Elevate software development by combining deep insights and real-time metrics with unrivaled transparency and collaboration aids.

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For the Enterprise

CodeTogether HQ

Shine a light into the black box of coding.

Improve efficiency, identify risk and grow your teams.

For Developers

CodeTogether Live

Live collaborative coding for developers.

Foster teamwork, investigate code and share knowledge.

These companies use CodeTogether to build development teams that thrive.

CodeTogether Customers

Actionable Intel for Companies

Drive Operational Efficiency

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Understand your workforce HQ

Get a clear picture of active efforts, project status, and work efficiency with our AI-powered collection engine.

Empower your developers  HQ | Live

Drive enhanced productivity with robust collaborative aids and rich transparency into source creation.

Increase team efficiency HQ

Leverage actionable AI-driven insights and performance reports for informed project-level decisions and workforce alignment.

“CodeTogether is a really brilliant solution for ensemble coding …especially since it integrates into different IDEs simultaneously.”

Astrid Sawatzky Lead Developer, Thera-Pi

On average, enterprises using CodeTogether HQ see:


efficiency increase after 3 months


year-one ROI for 250 developers


increase in developer cohesion

Workforce Empowerment

CodeTogether is the Answer

Deliver on-time software with a combination of human and AI power—seamlessly integrated into your existing development stack.

Who we serve

Software development teams and organizations looking to drive increased operational efficiency.

Built for all development teams, whether in an office, hybrid, or remote.

How we integrate

Integrates with the tools you already use, no need to change how your developers work.

IDE-level data collection provides critical insights into the day-to-day development of software.

Why we’re different

Get a deeper understanding earlier in the project life cycle.

Don’t wait for code to get committed before identifying risk areas or collaboration opportunities.

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Shine a light into the black box of your software development

Learn how CodeTogether can drive increased operational efficiency and foster healthy software development for your organization.