A fresh take on collaborative coding

New from Genuitec!
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Goodbye frustrating screen sharing…
Hello true real-time code collaboration!

A Tale of Two Coders

The best of times with CodeTogether, the worst of times with screen sharing


Stay in Your IDE

Make real time edits to code shared by the host’s IDE using a browser-based editor. Eclipse and VS Code support now available, other IDEs coming soon.


Easy to Use

CodeTogether makes it simple to collaborate with others. Just share a link and with a click of the mouse, teammates see your project in a browser.



Collaborators interact with the project without interrupting the workflow of others. The session host can continue to use other applications even if participants are actively coding.


Participants Code Too!

Participants can take control and code right from the browser with content assist, code navigation, references, and searching in the workspace.


Stay in Control

Everyone in the session gets to control who they choose to follow, whether the host or other participants, to see exactly what teammates are discussing.


Integrates Well

Our goal is to improve your development process, not upset it. CodeTogether is a nice complement to popular tools you might use already, like Slack or MS Teams.