Version 4.0.0
Released: 23 Mar, 2021
Now with CodeTogether Teams
The 4.0 release now includes CodeTogether Teams as an opt-in feature, improving the user experience and providing enhanced security. CodeTogether Teams greatly simplifies collaboration with team-centric flows and visualizations.
Write-Access in Terminals
As part of a secure Team, write-access to Terminals can be enabled unlocking richer collaboration across teams.
Call and Type Hierarchies
IDE and Browser clients can now access call and type hierarchies, even from heterogeneous hosts, improving the code navigation experience.
Language Smarts Enhanced
From finding implementations and references, to code completion, 4.0 provides a more natural remote coding experience.
Warnings and Intentions Relayed
Clients now will receive warning and intention markers from the host for files being edited together. A limit of 250 will be relayed per file for performance reasons.
Single Sign-On (SSO) for On-Premises
For companies deploying CodeTogether On-Premises, SSO can now be configured using standard OAuth providers such as those from Okta and Microsoft.
Compatibility Fixes
CodeTogether is now compatible with VSCodium and Eclipse 2021-03. Fixes address runtime issues with IBM J9 runtime and particular IntelliJ Host project module configurations.