Version 1.2.0
Released: 21 May, 2020
End-to-End Encryption
All sessions now include full end-to-end encryption! Beyond secure SSL connections between endpoints, end-to-end AES encryption ensures that your source is never exposed, even if our secure servers were somehow exploited.
Anonymous Usage
Now you can use CodeTogether sessions without logging in or registering. As CodeTogether is free for all, no need to require logins!
Tab Sizes and Spaces
CodeTogether automatically detects tab sizes and space-usage to ensure that while coding in the browser, you always get a consistent and expected experience.
IntelliJ Robustness
Jetbrains IDEs support picks up numerous fixes from support for multiple windows, to consistent marker relaying, and improvements in content assist. Thanks for all the reports!
Running Behind Proxies
Sessions would sometimes not start correctly when running behind proxies in both Eclipse and IntelliJ. Both hosts have been fixed to work right.
Transparency on GitHub
All CodeTogether issues and resolution are now tracked on GitHub Issues. Check out the milestones to see what else was fixed for this release and more.