Version 4.2.0
Released: 23 Sep, 2021
Unit Test Support Lands
Session guests can now see results of unit tests invoked and if permission allows, remotely invoke tests from all clients. Results are visualized both as part of editor side bars as well as in IDE-familiar views.
Remotely Launch Programs
Beyond tests, other programs can now be invoked remotely with the ability to stop and monitor the current invocations.
On-Premises Metrics Dashboard
When deploying CodeTogether on-premises, a new metrics dashboard provides access to usage trends and real-time information. In addition, CodeTogether can be configured to export metrics to Prometheus and StatsD systems.
Numerous Fixes
Continued improvements have been made across CodeTogether increasing the reliability of the system and improving the coding experience. Key fixes have also landed for server port sharing that both increase reliability and performance.