Version 2.1.0
Released: 06 Aug, 2020
Syntax Coloring for Cobol, Dart, and Elixir
Language coloring and completion aides have been added for Cobol, Dart, and Elixir.
.codetogether.ignore Allows Hiding Files/Folders
Files or Folders that should not be available in the session can be hidden by creating .codetogether.ignore files in the root of projects using .gitignore like glob patterns.
Preview: File Uploads from Browser
Files can be added to the shared project simply by dragging them into the Explorer in the browser.
IntelliJ Fixes for Code Alone
In certain scenarios, edits made from the browser would not show up in IntelliJ and related IDEs. This has been rectified.
Various General Fixes
Numerous fixes reported including navigation reliability, and exposing Toggle Word Wrap have been addressed.