Version 3.1.0
Released: 08 Dec, 2020
Console Sharing
Output and console windows are now shared letting others see directly the output of programs and unit tests, a top requested feature!
Who Codes? You Decide
When hosting new sessions, new choices control who can edit files and drive in the session. You can now share files read-only, or be the only one driving!
Non-Project Files Shared
External files that are not part of the project are dynamically shared when viewed on a host, making it easier to work with class libraries and other alternative sources.
Join Session Authorization
By default CodeTogether now requires you to authorize new participants joining the session, giving you more control over who can access your source code.
Auto-Reconnecting Hosts
Hosting sessions is now more tolerant of network glitches, automatically re-establishing connectivity and maintaining the active session.
Automatic Indentation Fixes
A series of fixes now ensure a more consistent behavior when coding, including indents around brackets and when completing snippets.