Version 5.0.1
Released: 15 Nov, 2021
Building on 5.0 Audio/Video/Screensharing
The 5.0.1 release builds on the newly introduced A/V support in CodeTogether 5 adding reliability and coding fixes.
Better Typing Collision Management
An algorithmic improvement allows for increased flexilibity when typing in the same file and avoids file-sync events in more situations.
Simultaneous Coding Content Assist Fixes
In certain situations where a peer is coding above the content assist location in a file, the content assist will now properly load and apply.
Shared Port Detection on Windows
The removal of WMIC in Dev builds of Windows 11 impacted automatic detection of ports and now uses alternative mechanisms.
Various Stability Fixes
5.0.1 brings fixes for intellisense after . on VS Code client, a periodic loss character issue on VS Code as well as removes possible multi-second editor freezes on IntelliJ and Eclipse.
On-Premises Container Fixes
For CodeTogether On-Premises customers, CodeTogether's container has been updated to now work well with Podman adding to the existing support for K8s, Docker, and OpenShift.