Version 2.0.0
Released: 06 Jul, 2020
2.0 Has Arrived!
Packed with new features, 2.0 brings an all new experience to remote development!
Simultaneous Editing
Highly requested support for editing in multiple files by different people is now available! Even coding in the same file is smoothed out with seamless control change.
CodeTogether or Alone
Now you can easily split off from the group to explore or code independently. Working together? Selection is now naturally shared across collaborators.
IDE Themes and Key Bindings
Choose to code with your favorite key bindings and IDE looks from IntelliJ, Eclipse and VS Code, regardless of what IDE is being used.
On-Premises Ready
Looking for more security? CodeTogether can be deployed behind the firewall for even greater control over source exposure.
Quick Fix Support
Building on the new 2.0 base, it is now possible to use Quick Fixes right from the browser using full IDE smarts. More IDE aids are coming!
Oodles of Fixes
Dozens of other fixes have landed in this release, from compatibility with more IDEs to coding reliability, and syntax coloring for Twig, Scala and more!