Remote Development Resource Guide

What is remote development?

Remote development typically refers to software development where members of the development team are not in the same physical location. This might be teams working in multiple corporate offices, developers working in a fully distributed workforce, contractors joining a team, or even employees temporarily working from home like many impacted by COVID-19. What this actually looks like can vary considerably. Some teams embrace Agile development, employing Scrum and true pair programming or mob programming practices. Other teams may choose the waterfall method with each team member independently working on a feature, but enlisting fellow teammates for the occasional design, mentoring, or troubleshooting session.

What area of remote development are you interested in?

Get the most out of your remote development with this guide full of helpful resources. Simply go to the area of remote development you are interested in and check out answers to common questions along with a variety of informative articles.

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Tips & Tools

How can I become a successful remote developer?

To be a great remote developer, you’ll want to take the time to design the optimal home office setup, and then select the tools that will meet your specif