CodeTogether Security

CodeTogether is designed to keep your code private.

It’s your code, you own it. As you are participating in CodeTogether sessions, code is temporarily shared over SSL connections specifically for files open in editors. Genuitec’s CodeTogether servers facilitate collaboration through relaying of information, but never store any of the source code that traverses the server connections.

Unlike a cloud IDE, CodeTogether lets you keep the source code on your system. To calculate code completion proposals, participants do not need to download the full repository to get assistance. Instead, CodeTogether relays efficient and specific completion requests to host systems. Not only does this make it very performant to join sessions, it minimizes the amount of source code that is transferred securely between systems.

All code sharing for a CodeTogether session is transferred securely between host servers, the CodeTogether backend, and participants in browsers using SHA256-RSA encryption. For an additional layer of security, the Enterprise option for CodeTogether allows on-premises hosting of a CodeTogether server which can be used to fully isolate all source code relaying behind the firewall.