CodeTogether HQ

Shine a light into the black box of coding.

  • Go from Reactive to Proactive
    Avoid breaks and hit release dates with intelligent risk detection
  • Get Real-Time Visibility into the Coding Process
    Identify mentoring opportunities and grow strong developers
  • Increase Developer Velocity
    Make data-driven decisions with actionable KPI insights
  • Drive Operational Efficiency
    Optimize workforce allocation for maximum profits

Get unprecedented awareness into...

areas with elevated risk.

Get unprecedented awareness into...

engineering roadblocks.

Get unprecedented awareness into...

where time is spent.

Get unprecedented awareness into...

overall project health.

Works with the tools you already use!

No need to change how you work. CodeTogether HQ plugs in for seamless adoption.


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VS Code





IDE-level metrics provide critical insights into the day-to-day development of software.

The Best Teams Grow from Within

Everyone on your team benefits with CodeTogether HQ.  Visibility into granular analytics during the coding phase ensures projects run smoothly—whether the team is in the same building or working remotely. The unique ability to deliver key metrics and analytics at the IDE level leads to better Coding Optimization and Risk Assessment (CORA), which in turn leads to better DORA metrics.

Retain your top talent

A happy employee is encouraged and inspired, not micromanaged. Did you know the replacement cost of an employee can be 150% of their annual salary or more.

Maximize developer potential

If your team hasn’t embraced mentoring yet, give it a try! Mentees are 5x more likely to be promoted than those without a mentor.

Eliminate remote work pain points

A common complaint in remote teams is a lack of visibility and feedback. With AI-driven insights, out of sight no longer means out of mind.

Deliver quality, on time

CodeTogether provides high visibility and insights during the actual coding process. No more waiting for code to get committed before discovering a problem.

Value your team’s time

Daily stand-ups and scrums are an integral part of the workflow for many teams. Timely metrics facilitate highly productive meetings.

Optimism is an occupational hazard of programming; feedback is the treatment.

— Kent Beck, Creator of Extreme Programming

Know the current state of development

The Project Dashboard provides an up to the minute high-level overview of the project, with the ability to drill down to get an even better understanding of the work velocity for the team and individual engineers. This dashboard helps team leads and managers understand active work efforts and assess the overall health of the project.

Access to data early in the development life cycle is key to keeping projects on time and on budget. The Project Dashboard provides:

  • An overview of tasks
  • Actionable insights to improve the project
  • Task flow, including commits and new tasks
  • Activity level by team and individual
CodeTogether HQ Project Dashboard
CodeTogether HQ Code Flow Dashboard

Understand code flow

The Activity Dashboard lets you get a clear picture into the state of engineering, even allowing you to drill down to the code for sharper clarity. Because metrics pull directly from the IDE, you get early visibility into code flow without having to wait for Git commits, helping you guide growth and reduce risk.

For the first time, team leads can gain a better understanding of how engineers approach code, see which files they are spending time in, and foresee when someone might need a hand. The Activity Dashboard provides:

  • A color-coded timeline to visualize activity per day
  • A radar graph to see where time was spent
  • A detailed breakdown of activity per day
  • Actionable insights for each developer

Maximize productivity with AI-driven insights

Because each team is different, CodeTogether HQ builds an adaptive profile of how the team works, resulting in intelligent targeted insights. With adaptive intelligence, CodeTogether HQ enriches the feedback loop while reducing the burden on technical leads. Projects benefit from early risk mitigation, while individual engineers benefit from better mentoring without feeling micromanaged.

Insights not only alert you to areas of concern, they also let you know where team members shine so you can recognize their contribution. Take a look at some of the insights you get:

  • High Throughput
  • Extensive Exploration
  • Over Allotted Time
  • Insufficient Unit Testing vs. Change Size
  • Balanced Testing
  • Debugger Usage
  • Code Churn
AI-Driven Insights
Daily Log Details

Foster a mentoring culture

CodeTogether HQ is the perfect tool for organizations that embrace mentorship. Adaptive insights identify areas for individual improvement and daily logs help you really understand each engineer’s approach to work.

After identifying opportunities, CodeTogether’s live sharing makes it easy for mentors to dive right into the code with mentees, even in remote environments.

Seamless integration with tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams notify mentors about key insights so you never miss an opportunity to strengthen your team.


Optimize Development Workflow

Get a deeper understanding of where your project is, early in the project life cycle. As a non-intrusive solution that ties into existing development tools, you don’t need to wait for code to get committed before identifying areas that need attention.

Perfect Your Project

Real-time analytics detect project anomalies so you can quickly adapt. Alerts keep you informed about key metrics—from deadline concerns such as time overages and excessive code churn, to quality concerns like insufficient testing and debugging.

Grow Your People

Adaptive insights allow you to practice “management by walking around” within a remote team. An informative dashboard means you always know who is working on what, and can easily identify mentorship opportunities to inspire and bring out the best in your team.

Slack Integration

Unleash your programmers

Spend more time coding and less time supervising. Let CodeTogether HQ’s AI alert you when a course correction may be needed. CodeTogether HQ moves away from traditional software management that relies heavily on synchronous models.

CodeTogether HQ is ideal for remote teams that work across time zones—you don’t have to be online at the same time to effectively mentor others. With CodeTogether HQ your organization can feel confident supporting a wide array of work models, including flexible schedules and distributed work.

Are you ready for a new paradigm in software development?

Make data-driven decisions early in the project lifecycle—even if your team is distributed or fully remote!