CodeTogether HQ Anti-FAQ

 You’re skeptical. We get it! These are the top 12 things developers really want to know about CodeTogether HQ.

Are you cyber-stalking me, bro?

No! We built respect for privacy into HQ and realize each developer’s process is unique. We are not in the spy business. We don’t collect any real-time statistics. Our analytics focus on results and not your personal process. Honestly, who cares what you did at 2:15pm yesterday or what you googled on your lunch break.

Can this help me finally get paid for my actual performance?

Yes! HQ provides comparative metrics and analytics in a meaningful way, so your reviews are no longer purely subjective. For hybrid teams, this levels the playing field and gives everyone the chance to shine, not just those who happen to grab lunch with the boss.

I’m a good junior developer on a team of senior developers. Will I always rank at the bottom?

No! HQ does not stack-rank or grade on a bell curve. If your team is high-performing, everyone might have an A. Or, if you are a junior developer, maybe a B is excellent! HQ scores are designed to highlight anomalies with a focus on growth, not nit-picking.

Will my boss now see how much of my time is wasted on administrative garbage?

Yes! And you’re not alone. Recent studies showed that developers can spend only 9% to 61% of their time coding. When management realizes this, administrative burdens lessen quickly as it’s an easy way to increase delivery performance and developer satisfaction.

Will HQ report that I’ve been working on a side project in my evenings?

No! Of course you can still have your hobby projects. HQ only tracks data on projects that are explicitly set up. If your work isn’t in tracked Git repositories, your team doesn’t need to know about it.

Will my boss realize their golf buddy isn’t as key to the team as they claim?

Yes? The “credit hog” is a formidable foe. With HQ, your boss will be armed with the facts to combat the hog . . . if they choose to engage.

Will my boss see that my coworker isn’t pulling their weight?

Yes! And even better, they’ll have the context to address the root of the problem. Are they in over their head? Working multiple jobs? Poor requirements causing confusion? Drastic change in life circumstances? Just loafing? Many issues can cause a drop in performance. Analytics help determine what happened and when so that the appropriate steps can be taken.

I already do code reviews for my team, will this make my life easier?

Yes! Code reviews are a friendly experience when a change is mostly right. But what if the placement for the fix will cause a large regression risk? Waiting until code reviews to address problematic fixes puts the burden on you to decide if you 1) look the other way and focus on minor tweaks or 2) reject the overall change and risk upsetting the developer after days of work. Code Flow means you can catch issues early without disturbing your team.

I spend a lot of time helping others. Will this crash my ratings?

No! Collaboration and mentoring are crucial to a healthy development team. Instead of being penalized, you’ll be recognized. HQ scores are intentionally structured to take into account the different ways developers work, so that even if you bounce between many customer meetings, you can still shine.

Can HQ help my team identify bottlenecks so we can redistribute the work?

Yes! HQ delivers granular analytics during the coding phase, saving valuable time thanks to early risk detection and mitigation. By improving transparency, better decisions can be made at all levels, even improving awareness of complexities as tasks enter QA.

I love working remotely, but sometimes my team feels disjointed. Can you help?

Yes! Remote work is great because you have longer periods of uninterrupted flow without the on-site interruptions. But how do you know what others are working on without disrupting their flow? Code Flow lets you get a clear picture into the state of development, allowing you to drill down to the code for sharper clarity, even before the code is committed.

Are you judging me on lines of code?

No! We all know that lines of code is a terrible metric. It was only used because there wasn’t anything better. But HQ fixes that. Very often the best development solution is to delete code or to integrate proven solutions. HQ focuses on results so you get credit for working smarter, not harder.

Up Your Dev Game with CodeTogether HQ

At CodeTogether, we use HQ ourselves and love it—but it took us a while to get things just right!
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always excited to engage and hear about your own ideas!