CodeTogether Live with IDE to IDE Support

CodeTogether Live includes heterogeneous IDE to IDE support. Users get cross-platform functionality across all supported IDEs—IntelliJ, Eclipse and VS Code.

Heterogeneous IDE to IDE—what does it mean?

With CodeTogether’s IDE to IDE support, anyone can connect to anyone else, right from inside their IDE. Working with a peer in VS Code? Connect from IntelliJ. Your lead uses Eclipse? They can join the same session as well. Use the very same IDE you use for your local development—no separate client needed—just seamless coding together without even caring which IDE others choose to develop with.

This capability:

  • Works across IDEs: IntelliJ, Eclipse and VS Code, as well as IDES based on these
  • Works across IDE versions: e.g., IntelliJ 2020.2 and 2019.3
  • Works across IDE distributions: e.g., PyCharm and Eclipse for PHP

If you don’t have your IDE around or you’re on a low power device, you can connect and code from a browser too.

Refer to CodeTogether Compatibility for a list of supported IDEs and browsers.

What about security?

When you join a session from an IDE, you get first class security with end-to-end encryption, the same level we provide when you join from a browser. If you need to keep all your data on-premises, you can deploy your own instance of CodeTogether on your intranet with our On-Premises version—your data will never need to traverse the internet. Read our security documentation for more details.

How do you benefit?

Heterogeneous support means that everyone can remain in the IDE they are comfortable with while taking advantage of the language smarts provided by the host IDE without any additional setup.

  • Key Bindings and IDE Experience
    When you connect from your IDE of choice, the familiar look and feel along with preferred key bindings make the shared coding experience far more intuitive. Responsiveness of typing, smooth scrolling, and the ability to customize and control your workspace all serve to complete the local-coding experience.
  • Language Smarts
    As a participant, even if you’re using an IDE that doesn’t support the framework or language being developed in, you still get language features like content assist, validation and refactoring support provided by the host IDE. You don’t have to concern yourself with the installation and configuration of additional plugins to be an equal contributor to the shared session. While in the session, your IDE becomes effectively as capable of working on these technologies as the host.

Haven’t tried CodeTogether yet?

Download it now and give it a try!