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Configure an Okta Application for CodeTogether Authorization

This guide walks you through the creation of an SSO application in Okta. You specify CodeTogether URLs to configure the application, and pick up endpoint URLs and values to plug back into your CodeTogether container configuration.

1. Create a New App Integration

In your Okta Admin dashboard, at Applications > Applications, click Create App Integration. Select OIDC - OpenID Connect as the sign-in method and Web Application as the application type.

Add an Okata application Create the Okata application

2. Configure the App

Give your application a suitable name and ensure Client Credentials and Refresh Token are checked.

Naming app

Specify the Sign-in (CT_SERVER_URL/sso/authorization-code/callback) and Sign-out (CT_SERVER_URL/sso/logout) redirect URIs as described in the configuration section and click Save. Your application will now be created.

Configuring app

3. Copy Required Details

From the General tab of the app, copy the Client ID and Client Secret values. The Okta domain can be copied from the account drop down menu. Use OKTA as the SSO Provider value.

Copying client credentials