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We at Genuitec are excited to introduce CodeTogether, a fresh take on collaborative coding. As a company with developers all around the globe, we understand the need for quality collaboration tools. Most teams rely on screen sharing to collaborate, but the limitations that come with screen sharing can be frustrating. We have a vision for a much better way.

CodeTogether is designed to be a go-to tool, with an organic feel that doesn’t make you change how you work. It doesn’t feel “over-engineered” like other collaboration tools on the market and focuses on ease of use without compromising on key features commonly used when collaborating on projects with others. It has quickly become a natural fit and invaluable resource in our own workflow.

The more we use it, the more ideas we come up with to make it even better. We realize that other teams might have their own workflow patterns, and their input could provide invaluable insight at this early stage in development. That’s why CodeTogether is initially being offered as an Early Access release, to get as much feedback from developers as possible. Our hope is that you share our excitement about this new technology and are willing to share your ideas on how CodeTogether can be improved to meet your team’s needs.


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Genuitec has a strong history of identifying developer needs and finding solutions. From the Fortune 500 company using MyEclipse for enterprise development, to the independent contractor who just wanted a fabulous dark theme and discovered DevStyle (the #1 Eclipse plugin), we are proud to have improved workflow for so many of our fellow developers. We are excited to add CodeTogether to our product portfolio, which also includes CodeMix for web development in Eclipse, and Secure Delivery Center for simple and secure delivery of perfectly configured IDEs. If you have questions about CodeTogether or any Genuitec product, we would love to hear from you.

This tool addresses the shortcomings that Genuitec found in traditional collaborative developer solutions, such as screen sharing. A central issue with such tools is to ensure that collaborations are seamless and don’t hinder developers.

Charles King
Analyst, Pund-IT

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