CodeTogether 2023.1.1 Hotfix Released

Brian Fernandes

April 19, 2023

We just published a small hotfix for CodeTogether that addresses the following issues. Please update your CodeTogether plugins and extensions to ensure you pick up these fixes!

VS Code Hosts

When hosting a session with VS Code, guests who were members of your team may not have had access to team-specific functionality, like write access to terminals and server sharing.

Joining a teammate’s running session via the Remote Sessions node, as well as auto joining a session that you requested a teammate to start would also fail.

These were regressions introduced in our 2023.1 release, and would affect new participants who hadn’t joined sessions on the host prior to the 2023.1 release. 



If you joined a session using an IntelliJ 2023.1 client, you would not be able to access shared terminals. This issue was caused by a change in IntelliJ’s API in its 2023.1 release.

For sessions hosted with IntelliJ 2022.2 and up, the contents of terminals created with the “New Predefined Session” action, like PowerShell, Git Bash, etc., were not shared with guests.



We’ve updated our packages to fix CVE-2022-38900, a vulnerability affecting the package `decode-url-component`. You can pull updated images from our internal registry, Docker Hub, and the Red Hat Software Catalog.

To learn more about CodeTogether, read our documentation or check out our videos on YouTube.

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