Getting Started with CodeTogether

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CodeTogether allows you to host and join collaborative coding sessions from Eclipse, IntelliJ or VS Code. Hosts and participants don’t need to have the same IDE, and participants can join sessions using any modern browser too. This guide includes information to help you get started, regardless of which IDE you use. For additional information, refer to the Installation Guides for EclipseIntelliJ and VS Code.

Logging In

You can host a CodeTogether session without a CodeTogether account, and participants can join these sessions from a browser without logging in. However, you must log in to join a running session from your IDE. If you are on a CodeTogether Teams plan, you can manage your team, host and join team-restricted sessions, and gain access to features like terminal write support. Click here for more details on Teams support.

You can create an account on the website, or if you’re using Eclipse or IntelliJ, you have the option of registering from the login dialog. Be sure to join the Insiders Program for early access to new features and special offers.

To log in to CodeTogether, click the Log in link in the CodeTogether view, or use the Log in command/action.

Hosting a Session

You can host a pair programming session directly from your IDE. All CodeTogether sessions are end-to-end encrypted.

Note: For details on how your data is kept secure, refer to the Security page.

Starting a Session

In the CodeTogether view, click the Host New Session button.

CodeTogether Teams tip: You can also request an online team member to host a session. Click the Ask to host a session button or context menu action.

Alternatively, use any of the following IDE-specific options to start the session:


  • Select Help > CodeTogether > Start Hosting Session.
  • Use the Start Hosting Session command.
  • Right-click in the editor and select Start Hosting Session from the menu.
  • Select text in the editor, and then click Start from the annotation that appears below the selection.


  • Select Tools > CodeTogether: Start Hosting Session.
  • Use the CodeTogether: Start Hosting Session action.

VS Code

  • Use the CodeTogether: Start Hosting Session command
  • Click CodeTogether in the status bar and select Start Hosting Session.

​Controlling Access to the Session

When you start a session, you get to control who joins the session and what control they have over it.