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Configuring Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD)

Step 1. Register New Application

  1. Login to the Azure portal (
  2. Go to the Microsoft Entra ID service page.
  3. Select Add > App registration. App Registration
  4. Use the following values:
    • Name: CodeTogether HQ
    • Supported account types: default value
    • Redirect URI: Web and https://<server-fqdn>/api/v1/auth/sso/success/insights. App Registration
  5. Click Register.

Step 2. Generate New Secret

  1. Open the Overview page of CodeTogether HQ application.
  2. Click Add a certificate or secret. App Registration
  3. Add a new client secret and choose an expiration date: App Registration
  4. Click Add.
  5. Copy and save the value of the newly created secret for further configuration.

Step 3. Configure

Use the following values in file (Docker Compose) or in the values.yaml file (Helm chart):


Both application-id and directory-id can be found on the Overview page of the application.

App Registration