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Welcome to CodeTogether HQ

CodeTogether HQ is a powerful tool designed to shine a light into the black box of coding. It serves as a comprehensive platform that enables teams to better understand their projects, identify hotspots, track work, collaborate across time zones and mentor others.

Key Features

Here's a quick look at what CodeTogether has to offer. For additional details and related videos, visit

✓ Go from Reactive to Proactive

Intelligent risk detection helps you avoid breaks and hit release dates.

✓ Real-Time Visibility

Get insights into the coding process and identify mentoring opportunities to grow strong developers.

✓ Developer Velocity

Make data-driven decisions with actionable KPI insights.

✓ Operational Efficiency

Optimize workforce allocation for maximum profits.

Who Can Benefit?

By leveraging machine learning, CodeTogether HQ not only tracks how work is approached but also improves decision-making processes. Whether your team is in the same building or working remotely, CodeTogether HQ ensures projects run smoothly by delivering key metrics and analytics at the IDE level.

✓ Team Leads and Managers

Understand active work efforts and assess the overall health of the project.

✓ Developers

Receive quick insights into work to facilitate highly productive meetings and daily stand-ups.

✓ Mentors and Mentees

Adaptive insights identify areas for growth and daily logs help understand each engineer's approach to work.

System Roles

CodeTogether HQ includes two categories of roles. Each role has unique permissions.

System-Wide Roles

  • System Admin—Can manage overall settings
  • Projects Manager—Can create new projects and assign project admins

Project-Level Roles

  • Project Admin—Can manage project and adjust roles, including data visibility for the team
  • Engineer—Can view portal and project status
  • Observer—Can monitor a project but not contribute code

Data Collection & Privacy

At CodeTogether, we prioritize transparency and security in our data collection practices. For details, see How We Collect Data.

Getting Help

We want your team to thrive with CodeTogether HQ.


Use the left sidebar to access documentation that will help you get the most from CodeTogether HQ.


If you can’t find an answer to your question in our documentation, email our support team at